Performance Reporting

Customized, easy-to-read reports, branded specifically for your firm, that can incorporate data from hundreds of custodians. We provide accurate, reconciled, tradable account, and practice-level data—every business day.
A Complete Picture of Wealth
See and evaluate a complete picture of client assets, including those assets held in accounts you do not manage. Discover the power of expanded flexibility and choice for reporting, aggregation, and wealth management.

Keep Clients Continually in Your Loop

As important as the work you do is your ability to communicate its value clearly to clients. With Envestnet, you can customize your reports and upload them to our secure client portal or share them in person with our new iPad app. Our performance reports are updated and reconciled daily, so you always have the facts at your fingertips—even for held-away assets. And, our
timely alerts will give you the opportunity
to call your clients before they call you.
That level of service helps win confidence.

Advanced Reporting Solutions
Customizable Performance Reports

Clients will appreciate the clarity and professional quality of our detailed reports. Tailor documents to your clients’ needs—make them as simple or detailed as you like. Use standard time periods, or create custom time frames that are meaningful to the client. Information from multiple custodians can be combined, analyzed, and presented as a single portfolio, and branded with your logo.

Special Outsourcing Services

Additional stand-alone services available through Envestnet include data management, reconciliation, and reporting for Schwab PortfolioCenter® clients through B-Ready Outsourcing. We also offer data warehousing and replication to select clients. Through a data warehouse we can offer you true custom business intelligence. We will help you mine your own data to gain insights and uncover opportunities.

Envestnet | Tamarac™ Advisor View™

Advisor View™ is a web-based portfolio management system with powerful performance reporting, portfolio analysis, account analytics, composite reporting, and extensive billing capabilities. Advisor View produces professional client-facing PDF reports that you can customize and generate at any time. Engage your clients online with a built-in client portal that provides custom portfolio dashboards, dynamic performance reporting, and a document vault. Runs on daily performance intervals. Works with most custodians.

Vantage™ Aggregated Performance Reporting

Our premium reporting is available with the Advisor Suite™ or on its own. Vantage gives you a clear perspective on your clients' entire financial landscape. Vantage grabs data from more than 5000 custodians, major data providers, and data aggregator ByAllAccounts to incorporate all of a client’s assets—including assets you may not manage, such as a 401(k)—into a single, overarching report.