Integrated Portfolio and Practice Management

We believe your clients expect you to do four things with excellence: advise them on helping to achieve their financial goals, invest their money wisely, manage their portfolio and your practice effectively, and report back to them how they—and you—are doing. That’s our business, helping you deliver the highest levels of service and performance.
Next Steps
See for yourself how the Envestnet Advisor Suite can help you more efficiently and effectively manage your clients' portfolios as well as your business.

Build Your Business with Confidence

As a financial advisor, you face a daily challenge to deliver outstanding advice and service while efficiently managing your business. The open architecture of the Envestnet Advisor Suite™ allows you to bring together everything you need—analytics, advisory tools, advanced portfolio solutions, and practice management and reporting capabilities.

The Envestnet Advisor Suite empowers you to integrate portfolio and practice management and reporting across your entire practice. You can integrate all your business functions, or pick and choose the applications and capabilities you want.

Our culture of innovation and service means we remain focused on delivering leading solutions.